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Reverse Mortgage Testimonials

"Finally, we have some breathing room after moving in to our brand new home, and we want to take a minute to thank you.

It is a "Dream come true!". My wife and I are both 69 years young and we never thought we would ever own our own home. Thanks to you and your firm,Reverse Mortgage Direct, you made it happen. Prior to this, we were renting a three bedroom townhouse for sixteen years at $1600.00 a month. Because of your hard work, we have no monthly mortgage payments. Better still, my wife can retire from her full time job. Another dream come true.

The money we paid in rent for five years was more than enough for our down payment. Now the "excess funds" can be used for "Fun Things".

We are extremely satisfied with the reverse mortgage product and your hard work. Thanks!"

Ron & Marlies S.

"We inherited & moved in to my parent's big, waterfront home (with very high property taxes) 17 years ago. I foresaw that the taxes would deplete our savings, and discretionary spending for trips to visit our families, in approx 12-15 years! ...and that is exactly what happened to us. Meanwhile I inquired about 12 years ago, with my insurance/financial planning firm I had been with for 30 years, about a Reverse Mortgage....I was told the closing costs were $30,000 up front, and the maximum mortgage. amount loaned was 25% of home value...this news was depressing to me, and I knew it wouldn't be enough for my situation...so, we toughed-it-out till couple years ago, when our savings was finally depleted, and life was looking grim --- no vacations no trips to see grandkids,etc.

I inquired about a Reverse Mortgage, again, in Feb. 2013 with a loan officer at my local bank. She referred me to Mr. Phil Miller of RMD. Mr. Miller came to our home, explained the best RM programs for our circumstances, and guided us efficiently thru the paperwork involved, and answered all our questions and concerns.

8 weeks later, we received a check for full reverse mortgage proceeds on our home...guess what?... the closing costs were less than $10,000(included in loan, no out-of-pocket costs to us), and the loan amount was 40% of home value now!...So, has the mortgage industry changed/improved over recent years?...OH YES!

My wife and I are just now getting used to idea that we have extra $1,000's available, after expenses, to travel a little and visit our large families, as marriages and births occur every year now. It's a wonderful feeling to know you now CAN do something that's important, all due to the financial freedom resulting from dealing with a dependable and trustworthy firm like REVERSE MORTGAGE DIRECT and their expert consultants and associates. A big thank you to Phil!"

Doug & Edith H.

Case Studies

reverse mortgage exampleMr.and Mrs.Parker had a sold there large family home of 45 years and received $500,000 to put towards a new smaller home they wanted for retirement.

They were able purchase a new home priced at $319,900 and use the reverse for purchase program with an out of pocket investment of $131,159 and have no monthly mortgage payments.

They also retained $368,841 of their $500,000 for other retirement needs.

reverse mortgage exampleMrs. Colby purchased a new home for $279,900 using the reverse mortgage for purchase program.

By using some of her existing liquid assets, she invested $114,759 and has no monthly mortgage payments.

Once she moved into her new home Mrs. Colby put her old house up for sale and enjoyed a stress free move and sale of her previous home.

reverse mortgage exampleMr. Ferguson had sold his home in Oregon to move to Washington and get closer to his Daughter and grandson. His initial plan was to use the $178,000 from the sale of home and pay all cash for his new home in Washington. Mr. Ferguson was able to use the reverse for purchase program to buy a new home for $289,900 with an out of pocket investment of $118,859 and have no monthly mortgage payments.

Mr. Ferguson was also able to use some of his $59,141 left over to apply towards upgrades he really wanted in his new home.